My muffins are making spam!

You might think I’ve had one muffin too many when looking at the title of this, but don’t judge me yet. Instead have a look at this:

These are no the only exples of spam comments going onto my mouth watering muffins post, about 80% of my spam goes to this post and it’s been the same for ages.

What is it that makes spam go to this post?

Don’t expect any startling revelations about this, because I have no idea!

Simon 🙂


23 thoughts on “My muffins are making spam!”

  1. There are certain posts of mine that get the majority of spam comments too… like one will get a n=bunch for awhile and then it will all get redirected to another and kind of flip back and forth after awhile. Who TF knows how their algorithms work?? But… Must say…Mmmmm Spam Muffins…. Disappointed this wasn’t a recipe post… HA JUST KIDDING


  2. I think it has something to do with the title of your post. If it’s a recipe post and you’ve used popular words like chocolate and muffins the spam robots search for popular posts and words that are searched for a lot and leave comments in the hope that they don’t go to spam. Of course, it can go the other way and you’ll get lots of hits and traffic from people doing searches on google, etc who are looking for chocolate chip muffin recipes. Just my thought as to why it may happen. I’ve had the same with some of my photography posts when the word ‘photography’ is used in the title.

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