What annoys me about Technology

Unless you have the awareness of a hibernating hedgehog as a ready of this blog you will know that I’m an engineer. Engineer’s work with technology and therefore I should love Technology. 

Err… No.

Actually let me clarify that, I like technology up to a point and even then it annoys me. For the most part technology annoys me because marketers and accontants have decided to get involved in the design and messed it up in the way it works or…. The dreaded bug is ever present and I have to work around it.

But even when things work perfectly technology still annoys me and here’s why:

Technology is meant to aid us in our lives by taking away the tasks we find hard or boring to to or even to do things we simply cannot do. Washhing machines, cars and jumbo jets fall into this category. What makes technology work for us is that it is NOT in control, it is meant to do the things we want it to do!

Where this goes wrong is when technology is trying to decide what we want. I’ll give you an example – automatic windscreen wipers. Nothing is more annoying! In light rain or heavy fog it just doesn’t get it, it either doesn’t wipe or wipes like we’re driving through a typhoon! I can handle a control with loads of setting because I decide what speed I want, but this automatic wiping needs to stop! I know this will touch a nerve with American readers, but the same goes with an automatic gearbox. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it! I’ll decide what gear I want and that’s  that!

Now we have smart technology too, based on what we’ve done before it can suggest where we might like to go, or who might be our friend. This means that everyone that has been to my school in the last twenty years must be a friend the same goes for anyone who visited the taj manual in town or the supermarket. I’m sorry, but none of these people are friends and I have no idea who they are!

I understand what these guys are trying to do, they are trying to reduce the need for searching. But is it really that bad? It’s much better than looking through a telephone directory, but I guess we need jobs for data analysts and other such clever clogs to make this kind of stuff happen. But my view is simply that we should be the masters of technology and not the other way around.

Simon 😀


19 thoughts on “What annoys me about Technology”

  1. Interesting post Simon. Agree with you on the manual setting of windscreen wipers and gearbox. I prefer being in control while driving, as well. Fun read about technology and seems to make sense. 🙂


  2. Great point! Last week, I bought a purse and a pair of boots on the Macy’s website. Since then, every time I open my computer, I get an ad from Macy’s showing me the same purse in a different color (no thanks), boots of every variety, including the same boots I already bought (again, no thanks, considering I hated them when they came and already plan to return them).
    Smart technology can be a real nuisance sometimes but without it, I wouldn’t have met you so Yeah For Technology!
    Wishing you a great day Simon!

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    1. Awww… that’s sweet of you to say, meeting you has been an immense pleasure and has meant I have a great friend! So I agree it has it’s upsides too.! 🙂


  3. Hallelujah brother!! I hear you talkin’ !!!
    (Back between 1950s & 1990s there was this American poet & musician known as Moondog – he looked weird but talked some sense….opening spoken line from one of his compositions ‘Stompin’ Ground’
    “Machine were mice and men were lions
    Once upon a time.
    But now that it’s the opposite
    It’s twice upon a time,”…. kind of makes sense)

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