Monday Motivation – Eternal Darkness

Esther’s Monday motivation theme this week was darkness and this is the story I came up with:

Eternal Darkness

We had just left the wormhole that brought us here for a brief time we were in normal space. There it was before us. Our destiny, a circle of  blackness, darkness like I had never see before. Even the glowing gasses that shone brightly as it was being annihilated couldn’t light it up. This black hole named Goliath for our mission sucked matter, light, time, energy into its immensity and destroyed it was a sight that I could see but not even start to comprehend. They say when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you but here there was nothing looking back. The darkness before us was something that I could never imagine in my worst nightmares.

Our mission was to find the other end of eternity, we were going to sit in orbit of this black hole, just outside its event horizon and wait for it to come. There was no obvious way of going back, it was humanity’s last chance to make its stamp in time and we had volunteered for it. 

I felt the manoeuvring engines guiding our vessel, the Chronos towards Goliath. The blackness filled the viewer gradually until nothing else could be seen.Despite the immensity of what we were witnessing, no one spoke. The first and perhaps the last humans to ever see a black hole. 

The operations manager looked around and announced “We’re in orbit around Goliath” His tone was a mix of  dark certainty and achievement “The gravity shield is in place and working perfectly. We should be able to maintain this orbit for as long as wee need to.” 

“How far are we from the even horizon?” I asked.

“One million, four hundred thousand kilometres. As close as we dare.” He replied.

I was in command of the mission to discover the end of the universe and of time. This is my story.
Simon πŸ™‚



31 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Eternal Darkness

  1. Simon, this made me very curious. I felt tingling suspense in there. I love this as a short story and yet, it could really go places. I am sorry I’ve missed so much this week. My computer is not playing very well. I may have to toss it out the window to show it who is boss…. πŸ™‚ Bunches of big hugs.

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    1. This has made you curious. In what way? This is perhaps the start of a possible new story that i had an idea for.
      Computers are a problem but I would imagine it could be made to work better somehow so don’t throw it out yet! ☺
      Big hugs back to you!

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      1. Well you talk about your mission to find the other end of “eternity”. Then I was looking up the definition of “event horizon” bevause I only know of the movie, and It’s interesting this team sitting in this place, perfect for observation, in the sweet spot so it seems, but still a dangerous place to be. I also liked your line at the end “this is my story” and it makes me want to know more.

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      2. Ah… You’re not the first to ask this. I fear i may have to write this story to satisfy the curiosity of my readers. And my own of course!
        But in my mind its a pretty impressive yarn. ☺

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      3. Haha, a tall tale? I would like to read more. But that’s up to you. Sometimes one piece results in many more chapters and it’s hard to keep up with your ideas sometimes πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this bro! I don’t think I could ever write anything this well, in this style. You’re brilliant 😊 I enjoyed it 😁

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