The Glory of Winter

Winter is a time of year where we think about the passing of a year just gone. It brings out nature in a spectacular way though…

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Crisp Winter Dog Walk

There’s nothing better than getting out this time of year. Crisp grass lasting well into the morning or later, fresh air and that smell of the chill in the air.

The dog likes it too despite her age snd it gives the opportunity for a few snaps.

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Yummy Christmas Pie

A boxing day treat for all (and a little late now – sorry) is to make pies from the leftovers. I haven’t worked the I make, the first is a pie with leftover turkey and gammon, with some white sauce and a few other things (down to personal preference) like mushrooms and stuff in. Make a big pie  shop bought pasty, coat the top in egg (use this to bind the edges too). And then cook for 30 minutes.

The other pie is genius, I got it from Paul Hollywood and it’s basically a pie with stuffing, turkey, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, whatever is left over in it. I made both of these and they’re simply out of this world and make a great little boxing day tradition. 

Using ready pastry takes the stress out and makes for a great Christmas pie!

Don’t get too hungry now!

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Tell Me Something Good #37

Tell me a good thing from amommas view.

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A Momma's View

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Let’s put some effort into creating a good week and kick start it with a positive thought on your Monday morning. Let’s do it! Let’s kick off the week on a positive note!

It’s easy:

  • Mention something that you consider being good in the comments
  • Or write a post about it on your blog (please don’t forget the pingback if you do so I don’t miss out and also share the link to it in the comments below). Something good that happened to you recently, or something good you will experience in a little while, or something good you know will happen soon. Something that makes you feel good.
  • Share this post and invite your followers as well.

Before I share my good thing of the day with you I would say we should do a happy dance.

CBS dance happy celebrate happy dance

Let’s do another round. It feels good, don’t you think… Dance as…

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I’ve given in!

At Christmas we all have a lot of things to do and people to try and make happy! This is why it gets stressful… It’s too much sometimes because those around us can often make us feel like we can’t make them happy… Nothing will.

I’ve taken to hiding in a pond… Not literally though.

I had great plans for doing some bakig and cooking to make some special things for the day, I’ve shipped my furry arse off and I think I’ve done fucking well! But at Tesco last night I saw Yule lots for £3 and something inside me broke. Fuck it I thought! I’m not making one – I’m buying one! All those around me won’t appreciate it any less or a home made one more! Then after unpacking half my shopping because of this self shop beeping thing my son insisted I use I went to the wrong till and it’s one of those ‘computer says no’ moments. But that’s a story for another time!

Why is it we spend so much time making ourselves stressed and miserable to try and make others happy when we don’t in the end. What’s the point? Why doesn’t it work?

Have a happy Christmas bloggies!

Simon 😀

Mystery Blog Tag from Samantha Alexia

A few weeks back I was tagged in Samantha Alexia’s mystery blog award. Samantha writes a lot of small stories that are sensual, sexual and or are hot and erotic. Samantha has an amazing imagination but best of all is open and friendly to her fellow bloggers. Go and have a look and see for yourselves, she doesn’t bite… Much and is a real super star. Thank you for nominating me for this, I’m sorry it’s been a little while but I’ve been looking forward to posting this.

Rules for nominees: 

  • Put the award logo/ picture on your blog 
  • List the rules 
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog 
  • Mention the creator of the award and link their blog too 
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself 
  • You have to nominate 10-20 people 
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog 
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, wierd or funny question (mention) 
  • Share your link to your best post

Thank you to Okoto Enigma for creating this award. I think it’s the best way for us to show that we recognise each other and we enjoy each other’s blogs. Do visit her blog here and I know you will enjoy it. 
Three Random Facts about me:

1: I have a onesie bought for me a few Christmases ago, I know it’s warm but I hardly ever wear it and no I’m not modelling it.

2: I like walking outside in bear feet, but not in winter time.

3: I could sit or lay outside all night and watch the stars. To the casual observer nothing is happening, but sit and watch and you realise that it’s busy up there!
 Samantha’s questions are:

What is your favourite part of your body

I’ve never been asked this question before so I struggled to know what to answer if I’m honest. I kind of need all the bit at different times for different things. But the one bit I need most of the times is my eyes, they let me see the beauty of everything around me at help me do all the things I do. So they’re the best part!
What is your biggest turn off and turn on 

My biggest turn on has to be a woman that’s strong and knows what she wants. Turn off – whining.
Have you ever had a one night stand 

Simple this one I’m afraid. No. Nearly did once… But no.

What was the last picture you took with your phone 

Roller skate wheels. What was yours Samantha? 😉
Do you ever dance naked, if you have please tell us about it. (Funny question) 

I have with my clothes on… This isn’t something I think anyone wants embedded in their mind lol
My nominee’s:


Darkest Fairytale

Magnolia Rouge


What Sandra Thinks



Michelle Marie

I haven’t put up 20 nominee’s as doing this on my tablet is ball breaking! I know some of you likely don’t do awards but consider it a little Christmas gift if you don’t and something to take with the kindness it was given 😀

My five questions:

1. What was the last picture you took (I liked that one)?

2. What was the last piece of music you bought?

3. What was the last thing you did or place you went that made you think ‘wow’ and why?

4. What is your greatest hope this Christmas?

5. What’s the wildest works party you’ve been to and what happened?

I’ve tried to keep this a little spicy in Samantha’s spirit but gone back more to my safe ground lol. I hope you can all join in. If not it’s ok, just consider this award as a token gift.

Simon 😀

Christmas – How can it be different?

I’m cycling this post again… some of you may remember it!


Yup, it’s nearly here… Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It does have one problem for me, it’s inside, all day and it never changes. well it didn’t change until a few years ago…

Part of the issue was my family and I were never with the ‘in’ crowd, so never got invited round for Christmas. So every year Christmas consisted of:

1) Tear paper off anything present like.

2) Start Christmas dinner.

3) Cook Christmas dinner while trying to get kids not to open the rest of their presents.

4) Christmas dinner cook drags.

5) Christmas dinner finally done, serve, eat and drink.

6) Clear up after Christmas dinner while feeling like I want to sleep.

7) Kids open more presents, TV etc until the end of the day.

OK – I admit, I’m exaggerating a bit. The thing is though, dinner was taking up a lot of time.  A dinner?!?!

So, it was agreed that Christmas dinner would be on Christmas eve and on Christmas day we would go… to the beach. Yes, the beach, in England, in Winter. It was great! Seriously, we watched a load of people run into the sea (some of them wearing bikini’s even… not all women either but I digress).

Instead of closing the door and shutting the world out – we went to the world at a time when it’s quiet. It was fun! I’m not saying you should be as mad as me and dash to the beach, whether wearing a bikini or not, but doing something different is refreshing and I’m sure it can be for some of you out there.

Happy Christmas.

Simon 🙂

The Yule Log

I like to recycle this post over the Christmas period… let me know what you guys think!

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon


For weeks I had been threatening to make a yule log for Christmas day. This is a chocolate Swiss roll covered in chocolate butter icing.

The Swiss roll I had made before:

I then make chocolate butter icing and smooth this over to make it look log like.

This is sweet and yummy, best with double or clotted cream it’s a heart attack in a bowl. I know right now you guts probably don’t want to know much about this but this could be a new year treat too.

I hope you all had a good day and see you soon. In the meantime enjoy the thought of my Yule log.

Simon 😀

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