Saturn’s Ring Details on Display

Giant boulders of rock and ice that make up Saturn’s rings look like fine threads that make up the huge rings of Saturn. Cassini’s close up shots show the fine lines of the rings beautifully.


via Ring Details on Display | NASA

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on image – Credit ESA


27 thoughts on “Saturn’s Ring Details on Display”

      1. Yes it will. Some snow storms up here are not so bad, but now and then we’ll get hit with a really big one. I hope all of this warmth isn’t leading up to a whopper.

        How have you been?

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      2. To me it’s working with nature’s resources to build up the fuel needed for winter.
        I know when you’re doing it year after year it gets a chore but i think i would rather do that than sit in an office ☺

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      3. I agree. It is a big build up to those long cold months. It certainly does beat office work. The cool, fresh air, wind whispering, birds singing as the blue sky takes inventory of everything, is truly what it’s all about. 🙂

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