ESA – Week in Images

A spectacular aurora over Iceland a glacier in Chile and a pert of the Martian landscape make up a sample of ESA images this week – the full post can be seen in the link at the end.

A sinister-looking aurora over Iceland


Pío XI Glacier, Chile


Western Acheron Fossae

No ownership claimed on images – credit – ESA

Simon 🙂


26 thoughts on “ESA – Week in Images”

      1. Thank you for asking, Simon! Nothing spectacular but that was already the special thing… lol! It is so much going on at the moment that enjoy nothing more than routines in order to get my normal things done! How has your day been?

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      2. Same as normal – I was off yesterday babysitting so I’m back at work today. I’ve started feeling a bit weird though… I think I have caught something – but I hope not!

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