Ester Newton’s Monday Motivations – Fireworks.

I know ive left it late but Esther as always runs her Monday Motivations slot and as is seasonally typical the theme was Fireworks.


Henry liked to watch the goings on at number 24. Every Thursday Linda would go out with her friends to play Bridge. This normally lasted for a few hours. This left her husband Erik alone, for about five minutes. You could set your watch to it, five minutes after Linda left Tina from up the road would sneak into Erik’s house by the back door. 

It was like a military operation, every Thursday. Henry had first noticed this going on over a year ago, he said nothing because he thought it was funny. Tina was young, about Henry’s age he couldn’t fathom what she saw in Erik. Henry fancied Tina and hated that Erik was seeing her like this. 

“Old fart!” He thought. 

Normally Linda was out for a few hours and Tina somehow managed to get out minutes before she got back. But something was different today, Linda pulled up and got out, she was at least an hour early. Opening the window so he could hear what was going on across the road Henry listened, right now he would love to be a fly on the wall. Henry smiled as he heard a shriek and then shouting. 

Henry’s grin widened, he didn’t know what was going on in there, but it was Fireworks for sure and not the type that Erik wanted!
Simon 🙂


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