The Spitfire

I’ve always love airplanes, as a child my father was showing me what the different WWII aircraft were and the story or history behind the designs. My favourite was of course the beautiful Spitfire.

While most aircraft have a military purpose, I’ve always loved the engineering and the wonder that went into. The Spitfire wasn’t originally a military fighter, it was built to race. When WWII broke out it was made into a fighter plane and won the hearts and minds of the people at the time, becoming an inspiration during the Battle of Britain. In some ways it was too fast for the aircraft at the time, pilots often flew part the targets before they had a chance to engage.

The pilots that flew these planes were very young, when they started they had only a matter of hours training before being left to pilot them in combat. Many died flying them and many died coming against the Spitfire. The Spitfire is still a symbol, a symbol of triumph against adversity








These picture were taken at Duxford Imperial War Museum a few years ago. Forgetting it’s role, it’s still a beautiful aircraft.

Simon 🙂



10 thoughts on “The Spitfire”

    1. Its the refinements they carried out too. They found they gained a lot of speed when the changed to flattened rivets on the leading edges and that sort of thing.
      It was almost a living entity by the time they stopped with the Spitfire. A remarkable plane! ☺

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  1. I’ve always loved airplanes too. When I was first married we lived near the airport and I always loved to see the planes take off. Of course, nothing there quite like the Spitfire. What an amazing aircraft.

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      1. This coming weekend is Veterans Day and on Saturday, I was talking to an army vet about some of his experiences. I wonder what tales these pilots would have told, the things they might have seen from this craft.

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