Carry me to my purpose

I feel like a ship at low tide. Marooned. The wind my blow but it cannot take me. So like thr ship I wait. Wait for the water to carry me so the wind can push me.  When this happens my only limits will be where the wind can take me and the water will... Continue Reading →

Scary look at Earth’s dwindling resources

Most of the resources we have on Earth cannot be replaced. We're often told in the media about how this or that is running out. This graphic shows a sample of the resources we're using - it's interesting and a little scary. See the link for the full information. Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed... Continue Reading →

Tiny Mimas, Huge Rings | NASA

This image shows Saturn's moon Mimas near it's mighty rings. Despite looking huge, from another perspective Mimas is much larger. Read the article for more: via Tiny Mimas, Huge Rings | NASA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on image - Credit NASA

ESA – Week in Images

A week of images shows up among other things, Japan in false colour and an astronut's amazing view of Earth from ISS. More images in the link below via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images

ESA – Week In Images

This week's collection of images includes a detailed image of the Milky Way from ESA's Gaia, the Gem Nebula, and the Virunga Mountains. Click the link to see the full article. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on  images - Credit ESA

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Zoyie for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was greanted the great honour of being Zoified a while back, which is a gesture a friendship I think. So go over to her blog and maybe you'll like it too and who know's maybe you'll get Zoified too!   So, here comes... Continue Reading →

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