Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

This week Esther set her Monday Motivations challenge around the words Glasses, Blaze and Madness. This is quite a tricky one to combine but I’ve had a go anyway:


Beep, beep,beep the alarm sounded so distant in Sam’s sleep. Not sure if it was a dream he thought the claxons would stop. 

They didn’t stop, slowly he awoke from his deep sleep, the room dark, the beep, beep of a fire alarm ringing in his ears. His head banging from the heavy drinking session only a few hours before. 

Gathering his senses Sam put on his glasses but still could see anything apart from a faint glow from the door. Hurriedly he pulled on his trousers, falling flat to the floor with a bump as he lost his balance, knocking his already hurting head.

“I don’t need this!” He mumbled as he lay there panting. He pulled his trousers on awkwardly then stood up and made his way to the door. Turning the latch he opened the door and was met with a wall of fire. The blaze roared only feet away from him, but Sam felt no heat.

In a moment of what seemed like madness he stepped into the fire and walked towards the direction of the stairwell. His vision a blur of flickering yellow and orange he took one step at a time until he cleared the inferno. Descending the stairwell he realised he was now naked, his clothed burned off of him. At that instant a black cloth landed next to him.

“Put that on will you?”a soft female voice purred “Your modesty need protecting and I saw enough of that earlier!”

Sam spun round “what? You? Laura?”

“Laura isn’t my name, call me shadow”

Sam pulled on the cloak “what happened?” He asked from under the long black cloak.

“I told you, you have a special ability!”

“I thought you meant…”

“No, not like that, but I have to admit it was pretty good!” Shadow exclaimed “You are an immortal entity and your abilities are only just becoming apparent. The master knows about you and wants to meet you. Will you come?”

Shadow held her and out looking deep into Sam’s eyes, he took his glasses off, black and cracked he threw them down. He looked straight at Shadow and took her hand.

Simon 🙂


32 thoughts on “Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

      1. Oh yeah, I think I forgot that part. Sorry, lack of sleep. Well, if his last name is Winchester, then that makes him even more badass! 😉😍

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      2. I’m not sure what his name is. But I’m sure I could have fun with characters like this. I’ve not really done superhero characters like this before. But I think if I did they would be different fro. The Marvel / DC characters.

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      3. I think you would too, Simon! It would be great. I would definitely read it. 😊 There is something about a Superhero… 😍❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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