Monday motivations -The Goragoth

I’m trying to keep some posts running through here, I always love writing for Esther’s Monday Motivations so while i had chance I thought I would. I hope you’re all well and if you guys want to ping me or whether then you know where I am πŸ˜€

I’m missing you all by the way…

The Goragoth

The tunnels under the city of Goratray were dark and forbidding like no other place. It felt like the darkness was a blanket that captivated you, like it could be cut just like the air on a misty day. But that was the point of them, they were used to capture the immortal creature and incarcerate it for all time. But Sophira was down here, dragged by an immense evil and now here he was, Maximilian the king’s best knight and only hope of seeing his daughter again.

Maximilian’s sword was sturdy in his had, ready to strike, his best sense was his hearing, a fire would only give his presence away. Goragoth had to be defeated blind, the only way he could be. Maximilian had just passed what seemed to be a junction of four tunnels and left a huge opening behind. Stopping briefly to hear what he could, It was then….

His skin crawled…

His blood ran stone cold…

He didn’t want to turn around; he knew just what he’d see and he could face anything but that! He had seen him once before and hasn’t realised who he was, now Maximilian knew as from behind his name was growled with bloodthirsty vengence.
I hope you guys like it.

Simon πŸ˜€


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