ESA – Week In Images

A probe's crash site on Mars, anAriane 5 rocket and a Siberian plateau make up this week's selection of images. For the full set click on the link. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon šŸ™‚ No ownership claimed on images or materials - Credit - ESA

The Beast – Halloween Story ChallengeĀ 

The moor. Always a cold and unforgiving place, but at this time of year there was an air of power and death about it, as if it wanted to try its best to consume anybody on it. Melissa had got the call about 4pm about deathly moans coming from somewhere near the old village, as... Continue Reading →

Where my feet have been – Leaves

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Blackberries, conkers, nuts and that chill in the air. I also love kicking the leaves, something I used to do with my mum when I was young... something I will never forget. Simon šŸ™‚

Week In Images / Highlights / ESA

With Mars welcoming another mission and it's lander making an impact (crater), plus the warming view of the Med from space there's a bit going on way above our heads! Click the link for more! via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon šŸ™‚ No ownsership clamied on images or material. Credit - ESA

UK Blog Awards

A few weeks ago I got sent an email about the UK blog awards. I have no idea how or why, but there it is. Now obviously this is not as prestigious as Sacha Black's Bloggers bash awards, but you have to try and get the awards that are there right? ;-P Have a look... Continue Reading →

ESA – Week In Images

There;s some really cool stuff in the week of pictures from ESA, with a detailed hi res image of part of the Martian surface from Mars Express, a false colour image of Iceland glaciers and a Galaxy bursting with new stars there's some real treats. Click on the link below for more. via Week In... Continue Reading →

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