Blogging life – how it changes

Ive been thinking a bit about how life changes, nothing ever stays the same. I then was thinking about how this applies to my blogging life. When I got started I followed loads of blogs, I made sure I got to know all the bloggers that followed me back and certainly the ones that responded … Continue reading Blogging life – how it changes

Up Close & Personal: Deputy Head Porter

Make sure you guys all read this post about deputy head porter, she needs help in bringing herself to the knowledge of the masses in any country.

Simon 🙂

Lucy Brazier

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in celebrating a most auspicious day indeed – the release date for PorterGirl: First Lady Of The Keys is upon us! Those of you who have gamely pre-ordered will find your devices just that little bit more British this morning, not to mention having a sudden overabundance of buggers. The book is now live and available for purchase, with the hard copies being available within a week. In honour of this, I thought that today we would get up close and personal with the little lady at the very heart of Old College – the one and only, Deputy Head Porter.

As we all know, our heroine is the very first female Deputy Head Porter at Old College. This is a notion that at first excites her, but soon becomes something of burden as there are many in College who believe that firsts should apply to…

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