Esther’s Monday Motivation Challenge – Stop what you’re doing now!

Despite the rise of life to prevent me writing I feel i still need to take part in Esther Monday motivation challenge. This week the challenge is to include
Stop what you’re doing now! he yelled
In to a story of between 50 & 100 words. This is what I came up with:

It was only one damn component and Oliver couldn’t solder it down. Brian had given him this task to test him and Oliver was struggling. Gently gripping it in his tweezers his hand seemed to shake so much he couldn’t hold it in place.Taking the soldering iron he was just going to solder the part when Brian make him jump.

“Stop what you’re doing now” he yelled.

With Oliver’s heart beating hard he asked “why?”

“That circuit is live and will kill you I told you circuit C3 not E3!”

Oliver felt himself calming, Brian had done him a favour – he had saved him.

Simon šŸ˜€


39 thoughts on “Esther’s Monday Motivation Challenge – Stop what you’re doing now!

    1. Thanks Esther, I always try and be something different. I feel sometimes that it works against me as readers don’t expect it. I remember the blog battles and always thought that many of them didn’t get me… Not that it matters. Because I like me lol

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      1. I can’t say that I’ve ever touched live circuits, but I did get a shock many years ago while my hand was immersed in the water of an old washing machine. I remember it hurt pretty bad. I was a lot more careful using it after that. I learned to respect the machine lol

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