Harvard psychologist: ‘Showing up’ is the key to being happier

A lot of what I read on WordPress is about happiness and how to achieve it. A Harvard psychologist thinks they have the answer. But to me it sounds more like making life more bland…  What do we think?


Simon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Harvard psychologist: ‘Showing up’ is the key to being happier

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  1. That’s interesting but can you imagine how potentially harmful it would be for the profoundly unhappy person? I think… Or perhaps this applies only to the mildly unhappy person. I do, however, agree with the idea of processing your negative feelings so as to figure out appropriate action, rather than smothering them or reacting from the gut – something you may later regret. This was a good share. Thanks Simon! 😀

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    1. This is controversial thinking for me. In a way it’s a way if saying – you have what you have, you are what you are now be happy with that. Mixed feeling on it, but I’m glad you liked it ☺


  2. Ummph!…. I’ve been a miserable ol’ so-n-so most of my life, (I was a miserable ol’ git when I was 20) and there was nothing more depressing or annoying than folk talking about happiness or look on the bright side or embrace my feelings or deal with them….
    Now folk who said:
    “Survival is good”
    “Keeping on keeping”
    “Yeah man! I get what your saying,”
    Made me feel a lot better.
    (Though I do agree that there’s nothing quite so annoying as a cherry-feel-good-whoopee-do-films or TV series full of comfy middle-class folk whose incomes seem to appear out of thin air and are in no relation to their apparent lack of intelligence……Huuuurrrrumph!….Ah that’s better)

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