Blogging life – how it changes

Ive been thinking a bit about how life changes, nothing ever stays the same. I then was thinking about how this applies to my blogging life. When I got started I followed loads of blogs, I made sure I got to know all the bloggers that followed me back and certainly the ones that responded to me. It was something I had to do, I was building relationships and if around some heat people on here that are dear to me.
A little while ago,things changed, I found that after a few hundred followers it is impossible to keep up with all of them. I cannot follow every blogger that follows me and to a degree the blog drives itself as long as i keep feeding it with posts.

The other thing that changes is the posts and the content, earlier in the year I had to post every day, I simply cannot do that, even if it was the music posts which were fairly quick.My posts are more crafted than quick and easy posts, I make sure I check details and put in credits and i have catchy custom headers. All this takes time and effort and I hope that shows.

I’ve seen some people stress about keeping up the pace, but seriously my advice to you is don’t! This is meant to be fun, dont turn it into a chore. This isn’t a post about what happens when you get loads of followers, it about what I’ve found in my blogging life and passing on one simple nuggett of advice, keep blogging fun! Life changes, things change, life changes. Go with it, take blogging with you but dont apologise for changing things round, life life and then tell us what you’ve been up to. But don’t try and keep the pace if life around you changes, adapt and keep smiling.

Simon 😀


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  1. Great advice! I totally agree. It’s difficult to return comments and follow posts. I have made several great connections and met some awesome people. Some have moved on and others choose to stay, for now. But I try to at least connect with those who show interest in my blog. I usually find we have much in common and it becomes a learning experience as well as making great connections with some awesome bloggers, including you!😃

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  2. I’m still trying to follow all those who follow me. It has become much more difficult, and nearly impossible to keep up with everyone. I know that I end up missing some fantastic posts as a result. At some point I will need to concede I guess. I love connecting with my fellow bloggers and so I do the best I can. I’ve decided to only post once a week which frees up some time. I do put a lot of effort into that one post. 🙂 I love the entire blogging experience, and it continues to provide me with great satisfaction. 🙂 I’m in this for the long run, so it’ll be interesting to see how my blog and my experiences evolve over time. 🙂

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  3. I started doing the ‘blog’ thing properly about 10/11 months ago and over the course of that time have met some great folk and encountered truly enjoyable blogs (lookin’ at you Simon).
    Of course tried to read everyone’s blog, follow those who were following me and replying to everything….trouble was I couldn’t get my writing sorted.
    But then it occurred to me that not everyone replies to everything I write and Ipso facto,….everyone must be in the same position as me trying to read all those blogs, write a response and so forth.
    Thus it’s all down to, writing, blogging, responding and replying when you can, and keeping the fun moving on.
    And supporting other writers/bloggers when they need it. I notice the WP bloggers are very worthy folk in doing that……
    Which is why I’ve sort of quit FaceBook- (it was my own fault, kept signing up to political threads)

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  4. Oh man! I feel you on this one. I have had periods where I get overwhelmed and other days where I just LOVE posting every day (partly because most of my weekly posts are scheduled WAY in advance). However, I’m more concerned now with overwhelming my readers, especially if they get emails for every one of my posts. I don’t want to overload them with content and turn them off from reading my blog. So, that’s why (you may have noticed) I’m taking another look at my blog, its content, the regularity, etc, and seeing what I have the time for, what content I really love putting out and what I’m just ‘meh’ about. I want to find a common ground between what I want to post and what the readers want to read. :/ We’ll how it goes. ^.^

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  5. I had the same realization. At a certain point, you just have to take a step back in order to keep it fun, unless, of course, you have monetized your blog and if that’s the case, too bad for you, and get back to work.

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  6. I’m always amazed by people who manage a post a day… I think I’d have to give up sleeping if I did that! I try to keep up with everyone who interacts with my blog, but even that can be tricky and some slip through the net. At least I now know that I’m not the only one! And my trick to keep things fun is to take Sundays off from the internet and read books instead 😀

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  7. I love your “nugget” of advise. I used to be in that rut of feeling like blogging is a chore–but it is not! You aren’t forced to write on a schedule. Live life as it changes and write about it when you find enjoyment in it. Thankfully now I am out of the rut, enjoying everything blogging

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  8. Dear Simon…
    I’ve had this account at WordPress for over two years but I got back to it just now… I’m new with blogging to say the least..but my question to you seeing as you have experience that I lack, not having a domain address yet can limit my views and followers or should I consider my writing isn’t all that good…? I had to ask this burning question, would you be willing to answer me please?
    Thank you

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      1. When I see your blog it says it’s empty.
        You need to write posts, follow people, like their lists and comment to build a blog. It’s not a five minute job. 😃


      2. I don’t know what you’ve done then. I would type the web address of your blog into your computer and see what’s going on.
        You have pressed the publish button right?


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