Hu-Bots calling

We all know about the annoying insurace calls asking “have you had a car accident in the last two years?” Well now the battle in this game has gone up a level and I just had my first one – Hu-Bots (a robot caller pretending to be human), are now being used. Does this really yeild any usable results? For fuck’s sake I’m sick to death of these cold calling companies using ever more technical methods to try and get money out of you.

The call is very good, but not perfect, it sounds like a nice young lady on the phone asking questions. The giveaway is the pause after your answer as it processes it. While the computer decides on the next response.

But I have the answer. We must answer yes, then when we finally speak to a human we tell them that we did it to waste their time! No being shy now – do this. Then hopefully we can put an end to another insanity!

Or another way would be for the bosses of the companies to read this and listen – STOP IT!! NOW!!

Have a fun day!

Simon 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hu-Bots calling”

  1. Apparently they had them in full use here just prior to our Australian elections calling with the pollies messages … drove people nuts. Some changed their votes after such harassment, didn’t vote for those who had their robots call …

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  2. Nice strategy.
    I wonder if it’s occurred to the folk who run these companies they are replacing politicians, tabloid journalists, bankers and civil servants (weep) as the country’s most reviled professional group; after all who is going to want to use their services after all?
    …Oh dear I just thought of an answer to my own question…suckers, and presumably there are enough of those around.

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