Angela Nikolau’s -Leg Tingling Selfies

selfie girl hights

If you’re scared of heights don’t look at this – Angela Nikolau’s seems to live life on the edge, taking selfies in some rather high up places. Have a look, this made my legs tingle…

via This Girl Takes The World’s Scariest Selfies (Look Away If You’re Terrified Of Heights)

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on images – Property of Angela Nikolau (


50 thoughts on “Angela Nikolau’s -Leg Tingling Selfies”

      1. No not yet. Haha. Getting there 23,500 words to edit and then a couple read through me and tweaking to make sure it hangs together. But it will be ready by sept 30th as per deadline I’m hoping earlier. What are u working on?

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      2. I’m working on my first one proper, I’ve finally nailed the start, other bits are written so I’ve now got to tie it all up. I’m at about 5k words. I’m expanding one of my short stories too. I’m going to try and get som work in on them tis week as I start my new job next week.

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      3. Sounds awesome and like t will be full of story ideas. Is it closer to home or anything?

        And hah – yeah them planets – almost like someone designed it that way. You know, like solar eclipses which only happen on earth… Just saying.

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      4. This story is full of ideas and it’s the fist of three with maybe more that could come from the universe I create.
        You know Sacha, I am certain with all it’s coincidences that the world and universe were designed. Our concepts on creation are too…. Crap lol

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