ESA -Week In Images

This weeks dose of space pics from ESA include a stellar fireball, shrapnel left over from an exploding star and the moon from the ISS.

Click on the link to see the full article.

Hubble’s fireball

Stellar shrapnel

Full Moon

via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on images – Credit ESA


24 thoughts on “ESA -Week In Images

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    Normally I don’t reblog because I’m trying to be VERY careful about pesky things like copy rights… Hey, it would be impossible for me to know that EVERY blogger owned the rights to the stuff they post… If I could make the mistake, which I fixed recently, then other people could too. That said, the images from this blog were taken by the US government and so belong to ALL the people. As you check them out, also click on over to Planet Simon and give his blog a gander!

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