The black cat, blue sea award!


Thanks to Aditi for nominating me for the black Cat, blue sea award. I’ve not seen this one before, but it looks kinda cool! Aditi is a relatively new follower. She writes her thoughts and muses down a her own gentle and real fashion. Have a look at her blog – it’s a nice place to be!

Thanks again Aditi! 🙂



Here are the rules of this award:

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you.
(2) Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.
(3) Anybody nominated answers three questions.You further have to ask some other three questions from your selected nominees. If nominee doesn’t want to answer any of the asked questions, he or she does not have to answer it to earn the award.

3 questions that Aditi asked me are :

(1.) If given a chance to become a writer/author, who would you like to become like? (I mean kind of your inspiration)

If I was given the chance to be a writer I would follow firmly in the footsteps of Arthur C Clarke. The man was more than a writer, but a visionary that put his visions to print.

(2.) Your one decision, which you are still proud of?

I’m proud I’m an engineer, despite the trials it comes with I know it’s given me a positive role on this Earth.

(3.) Your favorite book and movie?

My favourite book and move are 2001 a Space Odyssey, from Arthur C Clarke himself. As a story and a film it’s not fast paced, but it captures wonderfully a journey surrounded by isolation, mystery and the unknown.



My nominations for this award are (again, list is in random order) –









3 questions I want you people to answer are –

(1.) If given a chance to become a writer/author, who would you like to become like? (I mean kind of your inspiration)

(2.) What is your greatest achievement to date?

You can answer either one or both of them, as per your comfort level.

(3.) Your favorite book and movie?


I would love it if you could all participate, but if not, no worries just take the nomination in the kind spirit it was given 🙂

Simon 🙂


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