ESA – Week In Images


This week’s amazing  images from ESA show a landing site on Mars, Antartic survey teams returning to base and how this helps us with space missions and Saturn’s changing shadow.

See the link for all the information.

Mars Express image of Schiaparelli’s landing site – with ellipse

First sunrise

Long divisions

via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on images – Credit ESA

8 thoughts on “ESA – Week In Images

      1. Just think it does! dunno, looks like they planted a fake planet on a black background! :p

        Week – busy. Completed manuscript draft, now straight into final edits. IT WILL GO TO BETA READERS! haha. You?

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      2. I think it often looks that way… Who knows eh?

        Exciting times then? Looks like it’s full steam ahead to beta readers and then final, final edits will publishing soon after!

        Do you have a list of beta readers.
        I’m OK, getting ready for job change, I’m working writing and expanding one of my short stories and also an original idea I’ve wanted to get moving on for ages. I’ve finally nailed the plot and main characters. I need to think up the background characters now. Then I just write it – simple eh? 😝


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