The nightmare of a corrupted SD card and what do do about it.

How often have we picked up our phone and flicked it on so we can take a picture? This is simple right and it works every time – it has done for me for years without fail. So the other day I’m out and a strange symbol appears in the top corner of this Samsung I carry around as a camera. I look on it and there was a blood curdling scream beyond any that you might hear in a horror movie. fortunately this was only in my head, but still it was loud to me.

I was told that the SD card couldn’t be read and sure enough, no matter what I did the SD card couldn’t be read. Bollocks! This might have something to do with jumping into a pool with the said phone in my pocket, but I digress and we don’t want facts coming into things at this stage.

Looking at the SD card on my notebook, sure enough the damn thing is corrupted. In this situation there’s only one thing to do…




I turned to the great web oracle that is…


And I found out there is free software to download to help recover from this kind of disaster. The one that was the top of the list was a program called ZarX. It’s as simple and downloading and installing the software,  open it up and select the drive in the computer that’s corrupted (i.e. the SD card) and then letting it get on. Once it’s finished doing it’s pretty little thing it’s a matter of selecting the place you want to put the recovered files. A little hint here , don’t put them back where they came from!

The interface is a bit complex, but if you just let ZarX do it’s thing and pick where to recover and where to put the files it works well and the data from my SD card was recovered.

So, the next time you dive into a pool with your SD card – download ZarX!

Simon 🙂


23 thoughts on “The nightmare of a corrupted SD card and what do do about it.”

  1. Phew! I have made a note of this, would you believe, as I am pretty unlucky with technology. Mind you, I was convinced that the logic board in one of my Macs had failed but turned out just to be the ceramic thingies that do the cooling. So maybe not as unlucky as all that 😉

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    1. Other things must have happened to make you think you’re unlucky.
      The thing with faults is nailing down the exact bad part. If you replaced the board it might have worked, but it wasn’t the fault. I hope you won’t have to use this post Lucy ☺

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  2. Hmmm I’m in a similar but not so similar situation. I had taken tooooons of pictures on a phone, thought I uploaded the photos to Google photos and deleted them from the phone only to discover they hadn’t uploaded…I’ve heard there are programs to recover them but all of this rooting business was too complicated for me… Thank goodness you were able to recover them, I know what it’s like 😮

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    1. Is this an iPhone? I think any phone is more complicated as it’s not just storage, it’s being used and has locks to prevent that kind of recovery, hence having to root.
      I hope you find a way to get them back Niki…

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      1. I think it has an SD card in it. What I don’t know is how to determine where they go when they get deleted. It was a phone we didn’t use anymore so it was basically a camera with wifi. We did have a few really good pictures I kick myself for deleting every time I think about this…

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      1. Hi Laura, I thought as much. I hope you find some rest time soon. I know it can’t be easy with your tribe but I know how you feel about it you need rest.
        I’m ok thanks my own tribe giving me their own little issues, apart from that some challenges to come that I’m excited and nervous about all in one. But I’ll be fine I’m sure.

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  3. but why on earth or middle earth or Jupiter for the love of pan galactic gargle blasters where you jumping into water with phone in pocket….
    is it the water proof edition by any chance?
    I need something that recovers data rom a corrupted usb flash drive… when I plug it in it keeps prompting me to format but I cant do that I g=have tonnes of drafts saved on it do you think this piece of software might work?? trying it anyway!! lol


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