Life or Death – 150 Words

Esther’s Monday motivation was delivered to my inbox this morning. Esther has frequently encouraged me to take part in one of her short story writing prompts, so I thought today I would. Esther’s prompt post is here: Monday Motivations – “This was a matter of life or death”

The prompt is to include the line “This was a matter of life or death” in a 150 word short story:


Frank looked over the side of the oil rig in terror, the tanker had broken free of it’s moorings in the storm and was now heading straight for the rig. He picked up his radio and shouted into it “Collision alert – evacuate the rig now!” the controller could only just be heard, Frank held the radio close to his ear, the wind and rain tearing past him as he struggled to hear.

“Now!” Frank shouted back down the radio. Frank knew this was a matter of life and death for him and the hundred of others on the rig and the ship, there was nothing anyone could do about it either! Finally Frank heard the klaxons sounding to evacuate, men were running towards the evacuation points, no one asking questions.

Again Frank looked over the side, the tanker was huge even at this height! Frank felt like he could reach out and touch it, frozen to the spot he watched as it drifted closer and closer. Gripping the hand rails with all his strength, all Frank could do now was close his eyes and wait for the collision.


Thanks Esther for running this, I hope this little piece does it justice.

Simon 🙂


22 thoughts on “Life or Death – 150 Words

      1. Oh no, Simon! I cannot like this then. 😢 Hopefully your next story ends cheery! 😊


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