What happened to Bitstrips???

What has happened to Bitstrips? It’s gone! I went to my tablet the other day looking to make some new strips to add to my little collection. To my dismay I find that it has gone!


I’m really annoyed by this, there will be no new cartoons of my head exploding or rushing home form work. I was hoping to see if I could get more space themes Bitstrips, but this won’t happen. I would put on one of me crying – but I can’t do that either!

Pleeeeease come back Bitstrips, all is forgiven. I know I’m not the only one is saying we love you. Alternatively do any bloggers know of another similar cartoon app. Bitmoji is similar, but is scrawls stupid writing all over the cartoon.

Simon 🙂


17 thoughts on “What happened to Bitstrips???”

  1. A quick google search gave me this;

    “Important Update
    Dear Bitstrips Users,

    We’re very sorry to announce that we had to take Bitstrips.com offline. We love this incredible, creative community, but can no longer continue operating the site as it is today.

    In the coming weeks, we will email you with links to download all of your comics, characters, and messages. We hope to give you access to the comic builder again one day soon, and apologize for such an abrupt end to the site.

    The Bitstrips Team”

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  2. They had a warning on bitstrips when you opened the app with the end date for awhile before it shut it down. I was bummed too… I still have bitmoji but I must say I was freaking witty with bitstrips…, thoooough I suspect some of my friends are happy I can’t do them anymore..,


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