Technology – The great Memory Swindle

No one manufacturer does this, pretty much all of them do this. Either the buyer is browsing online or they go to a shop to get the pone / tablet / other device and at some point the spec list comes up and is glanced through. At about this point the buyer carries out their balancing act between storage space and cost.


Let’s take for example a small device from a popular fruity brand, it’s essentially a media player – no phone option and the model that can store 16Gb is around £120 which is fine. But oh – they’re not in stock.

Looking down the list we see there’s a load of 64Gb models available. Brilliant, they can’t be that much more expensive as it’s only a bit of memory right? Wrong – only another freaking £100 or so more. £100 more for a chip that maybe costs £10 more, if that. This is the con, charging an extortionate amount of money for something that costs very little.


At this point Mr Fruity pipes up and says ah – but you’re getting more value with the 64Gb device! While this statement is true, lets consider something. I tried to get a 16Gb device, which was sold out. I eventually bought a 32Gb device, so lets ask something here – In a market a supplier makes to demand, there is more demand for the 16Gb device so they should make more. But what if they don’t? At the end of the day it makes more sense for them to limit supply of the cheaper devices in favour of the expensive ones! All three devices are the same except for a silly little chip or two, so from their point of view it makes sense to make more of the devices with the bigger profit margin.


What’s the way out of this swindle? I can’t see one, they supply and we buy, or not. What we buy is up to us and the thing is this is what has made some brands as big as they are – us. We decide that we have to have this device and we buy the one we don’t want because we have to have it – it’s a sellers market. As long as this continues, it will continue to be a sellers market and we volunteer to be swindled!

Simon 🙂


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