The Wallet – Esther Monday Motivation

I'm going to try and stay in the word limit for this week's Esther Newton - Monday Motivation. Thanks as always to Esther for running this, she's very encouraging. This week the theme is: If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her. The Wallet In life there are moments  you want the Earth to... Continue Reading →


One Star Over, a Planet That Might Be Another Earth –

In our search to find Earth like planets it seems we've now discovered one that may be suitable to support life encircling our nearest stellar neighbour. Simon 😀 Credit: NY Times

ESA – Week In Images

  With a distant star cluster and Dione's secrets being revealed along with a service module for the European Orion spacecraft there's a mix in this weeks weekly images from ESA. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 Credit: ESA

Seasons -How are they worked out?

One of the things that's always puzzled me is when each of the seasons are supposed to start and end. This is typical of someone that over thinks things, really it should be when it's cold and wet it's Winter, when the flowers start appearing and the wet is thawing out it's Spring. Summer is... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 14

The trip back through the hyperloop to the station nearest to Tranquility seemed to McKinley to have taken and age. The door opened to the capsule and they all started to dismount, the mechanoids first then Blake and his Marines following with everyone else after. "You and you team keep a look out, I have... Continue Reading →

Angela Nikolau’s -Leg Tingling Selfies

If you're scared of heights don't look at this - Angela Nikolau’s seems to live life on the edge, taking selfies in some rather high up places. Have a look, this made my legs tingle... via This Girl Takes The World’s Scariest Selfies (Look Away If You’re Terrified Of Heights) Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on... Continue Reading →

The Scifi Files – The Black Knight

What is the Black Knight? Why should anyone care? According to conspiracy theorists, it's very important and everyone should care. The Black Knight is said to be a 13,000 year old satellite from an alien race that's been sending signals to Earth for all this time. It's purpose and origins totally unknown. The story is... Continue Reading →

Sunshine through the rain

I took this the other day on the way to work. It was like the rainbow was showing the clouds it wouldn't be beaten, despite their strangling, their darkness. The sun was shining on through the rain. Simon 😀

ESA -Week In Images

This weeks dose of space pics from ESA include a stellar fireball, shrapnel left over from an exploding star and the moon from the ISS. Click on the link to see the full article. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images - Credit ESA

800 Amazing Followers!

Silently and without much fanfare my follower milestone reached 800 on Sunday. The lucky blogger who pressed that follow button for the 800th time was theeternalscribbler. Thank you for that follow Ari 🙂 Also thank you to all the others, I cannot know you all and I wish I could. I know lots of you here... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 13

McKinley was nearing exhaustion with Dave, he had tried to convince him that focusing the sighting portal on the time and place that Seanna was killed was the right thing to do and it was useless. He was a machine and he had his in built programs give him his ethics. Dave was in control... Continue Reading →

The black cat, blue sea award!

Thanks to Aditi for nominating me for the black Cat, blue sea award. I've not seen this one before, but it looks kinda cool! Aditi is a relatively new follower. She writes her thoughts and muses down a her own gentle and real fashion. Have a look at her blog - it's a nice place to be!... Continue Reading →

ESA – Week In Images

  This week's amazing  images from ESA show a landing site on Mars, Antartic survey teams returning to base and how this helps us with space missions and Saturn's changing shadow. See the link for all the information. via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images - Credit... Continue Reading →

Going to the seaside

Going to the seaside is fun, the smells the sounds as it sets nearer. Seagull's screech overhead and people milling about in all directions. The sea washes up the shandy and stony shore in its relentless nature, the sand and sea between your toes and the sandcastles that are built to jold back the sea... Continue Reading →


Thoughts reflect in the mirror smooth glass like the sky above. The moon stares at me from beneath as if looking up into my soul. There are no answers to be found in the reflections, only what is shown. The answers lie in my mind and not outside. I will only discover them on my... Continue Reading →

The Unique Blogger Award

I got a nice little message from Colleen Ackerman yesterday, she had nominated me for the unique blogger award. Colleen is a very talented an poetic writer and all of you should really go over and have a look at what she's up to! Thanks for nominating me Colleen - I really appreciate it and I... Continue Reading →

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