700 Uplifting followers 

I reached a key milestone today,  with my 700th follower. 

Uplifting Daze

Pressed that follow button and made that leap to land on my planet,unknowingly making herself the 700th follower to my blog. Check her blog out, its as uplifting as it suggests with sime amazing posts, a fitting blog to be given this crown.

Thanks you uplifting daze and the other 700, you are what makes me want to blog. Some if yoy are friends, some of you i even met recently and i hope i will many times over. I wish i could know you all, but its simply not possible. I love you all as followers and everyone is welcome to say hi.

There’s more to come from here, old and new, funny and poetic.Enjoy my utopia! Lol

Have a good weekend all. 

Simon 🙂


38 thoughts on “700 Uplifting followers ”

      1. Actually I’ve been struck down with a gastro bug today which has kept me indoors 😦 But I had a nice beach escape on the weekend, which I just posted about. 🙂

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