Review of the LG Spirit and devices with curved screens


Last year I ‘upgraded’ to the LG Spirit phone which I still use and after a year of using it and putting it through it’s paces now is a good time for a review. This is a mid range smartphone which has no really ‘stand out’ selling points apart from one thing – it’s got a curved screen. This is literally one of those phone that is made for the budget user – someone like me.

The curved screen thing is something to get onto in later in the post, for now let’s cover the basic features:


The screen is a 4.7 inch screen which is clear and gives a good resolution. The  ‘pastel’ type colours that LG lose, take away something from the experience. For me I lose the the sense of size that it could bring and something else I can’t put my finger on. After having to use a Samsung for some months before starting to use this turning this on was disappointing. But it works and is clear and pictures are show up well.


Most phones and tablets still have three buttons, on / off and volume up and down. What’s different here is that there are mounted on the back, under the camera, not on the side as is often the standard.


This is irritating at first and you can smear the camera lens, but I can see why it would make sense. It’s quite innovative I think and I’m used to it now. However, to turn the phone on you don’t have to use the on / off button – double tap the screen and it turns on or off, that’s another neat little feature I like.


This is where I think the budget was cut a bit – it’s crap! I mean sure, it takes a half decent pic, but it’s nowhere near as good as my old HTC or Samsung and it’s so slow to take a picture after the button is pressed. As with most phones it has a forward and back facing camera, so that selfies aren’t a problem (not that a guy takes selfies because that would be kinda weird right?).

The other thing, which is more about the camera app rather than the camera, (but I’m not sure) is it pixelates the picture badly when zooming in on a object. I’ve not really worked out if the pixelation actually translates to the picture that’s taken, but I’m sure it does affect it a bit.


Speed and Use

I like to leave things a while before judging them, because as we know straight out of the box, the phone is lightening quick. The Spirit doesn’t seem to suffer with clogging, speed and overheating as much as my old HTC used to. There are times though, when for no reason it becomes a pocket heater and the device slows down. The keyboard occasionally decides it’s going to hide while halfway through a tweet or WordPress post, which is annoying as it only comes back when it seems to want to.

Overall though, it responds well and app updates don’t seem to use up the 1gB of user phone storage. It’s got 8gB of storage in total, but I can only really access 1gB of that for apps and stuff it seems – so the option of adding an SD card is really a necessity.

The battery life of this is really good, one of the best things about it a full charge lasts pretty much a whole day with moderate use. I was surprised how good it is.


Curved Screen

This is where I get on my soapbox – why? Just seriously… why? I don’t get it, is it just a cool thing because there is no reason that I can think of why I want a curved screen for a hone, TV or anything. It’s just making it easier to break, except I guess if it’s in my pocket – maybe. This was a big selling point for this phone and it hasn’t added any value to it in my opinion.

In essence, this phone works well for the money. It’s not the best and never will be – but it does what it does well. If something better is needed – get a Nexus!

Simon 🙂


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