Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 3

The torch gave Steve a much needed but dim light, stepping forward he could only see a little way ahead. at first he could see nothing but darkness ahead, but after what seemed like forever he could finally see a shape ahead. Steve walked a few steps nearer and out of the darkness a pure white marble block appears, sculpted into an ornate head with a crown on it’s head.

“This must be the head of a king or ruler here!” Steve thought to himself. He looked back and the entry to the tunnel was now tiny and dimly lit.

“Have you found anything Steve?” he heard Preeta calling, his voice was faint but he could hear his question.

“Yes, I have!” Steve called back “I haven’t found the key yet!”

“Keep looking Steve- it’s there!”

Looking round the head Steve saw nothing, standing next it he looked round the room and thought  for a moment. He rested his hand on the crown. As he put his hand down the stone moved and Steve moved away quickly, looking at the statue head he saw the mouth drop open and inside was…

“The Key!” Steve shouted. “I have it Preeta!”

“Good! Bring it to me Steve!” Preeta shouted back. Turning to go back down the tunnel Steve stepped on something soft, in that instant he thought it was strange as he hadn’t felt it as he walked in. At that moment a huge stone door slid down and shut off the tunnel.

“I’m trapped!” Steve shouted out, really not certain why as Preeta probably couldn’t hear. After a few moment Steve was aware of another noise, then in each of the corners of the room water started flowing up and onto the floor. Steve was feeling as if this was going to be his last moments as the water rose higher and higher, over his knees the water rose and it showed no sign of slowing.

Steve was holding the torch up to keep the light as long as he could. With the water over his shoulders Steve was treading water and wondering why he ever started this trip.

“This has just gone from bad to worse!” he mumbled to himself as the torch finally dropped and the room was plunged into darkness.

“Great!” he said to himself. It was then that he could hear the sound of grinding, then a loud whoosh as water rushed from the room. He had no idea which direction he was going but Steve felt himself suddenly pulled down. Holding his breath he had no idea where he was or what was going on.

Sometime later Steve found himself laying on the floor of another chamber, some time must have passed – it was light outside, the light streaming through long slotted windows. As he went to get up he was aware of a figure in the corner of the room.

“You had to go exploring didn’t you?” The figure spoke to Steve in a calm tone, but he was obviously angry.

“You had to go and find this place didn’t you?” The figure spoke again.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Steve replied.

“No, that’s the problem isn’t it? You don’t know and you just keep going around, digging up things, trouble and getting into things you shouldn’t!” The figure stepped forward into the light, Steve was shocked.

“Mike? What are you doing here?” Steve asked.

“He’s here to take the key Steve – Don’t give it to him!” A voice from behind him said, Steve recognised it as Preeta’s.

“Why not?” Steve Asked, looking back at him.

“He’s the rogue crafter that has imprisoned the city!” Preeta replied. Looking back at Mike he had drawn his diamond sword and was walking towards Steve and Preeta.

To be continued…

©Simon Farnell 2016

No ownership claimed on images


11 thoughts on “Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 3

      1. Thanks, it’s not often I get interest in my minecraft stories. It’s going OK. More jobs than I would like.
        What are you watching? I’m off to bed in a few.


      1. As always randomly adventurous. Always something going on. The place where I walk the dogs is going to be built on so going to make a film about it tomorrow. Been invited to a peaceful protest. I put it on my blog.


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