Scifi Files – HAARP

The Scifi files is a series of posts taking mysteries that I’ve found on the internet and finding out more about them. Are they real? Could there be a cover up? What monster may live on, in or outside our Earth?


HAARP or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program developed for analysing the ionosphere with the aim of creating enhanced technology for radio communications. As a result of this work, communications to submarines over long distances has improved. However, the work at HAARP has been claimed by conspiracy theorist to be weaponised weather control.

It has been claimed that HAARP can control the weather and as a result, people’s minds and has been blamed for causing droughts, plane crashes and the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003. HAARP has also been blamed for earthquakes and it’s claimed it could flip the magnetic pole of the Earth.

These claims have been branded as false, outside the operating parameters of the equipment. Some of these claims have been branded as not possible in natural science. The full story on HAARP can be found here:

What do we think? Could this facility really control the weather? People’s minds and cause earthquakes? To me it doesn’t seem possible, but then… what if it could do all of this? I agree it’s very far fetched. But if it was true – they certainly wouldn’t tell us – would they?

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    1. I know what you mean. Reading deeper I think it’s that it can control the weather and as such can control wider human behaviour, which if it can control weather is more realistic.


  1. I should read posts like these because i find all too easy to slide down the paranoid conspiracy rabbit hole. Or is it a wormhole? Or both? Anyone seen my aluminum hat?

    I remember one story a community college professor in Geology 101 telling the story of how they were trying to figure out how to store nuclear waster long-term, Apparently the rock strata at the base of Rockies in Colorado is porous but contained, so the waste wouldn’t be exposed until the weathering wore it way down to it, which by that time it would be harmless. So they just started pumping raw nuclear waste straight into the rock layer.

    Everything was going “fine,” until other scientists were noticing earthquake activity in the previous dormant fault line in vicinity of where they were pumping the waste. Turns out they were lubricating the fault line with the waste and turning it into active one. While they learned one way they couldn’t store nuclear waste, they also discovered how they could create an earthquake.

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