Why I love Android and loathe Apple




This is always a heated subject, with people firmly on each side of the divide. So, I’m just going to throw in my two pence worth…

I was reading an article recently which summed up the difference between Apple and Android perfectly. Apple users are iSheep with the Fandroids making up the opposition. This to me sums up a big part of the problem, people like Apple, just because they do. I agree, it looks cool and Apple devices generally work the way in which they’re intended.

The problem for me is with the whole Apple ethos, firstly you need iTunes to do anything and while this is similar to the Google account, it an iPod throwback designed for buying music. It doesn’t really do anything, it’s just a pass. If I sign into my Google, it instantly syncs with everything I want, emails, pics, documents the lot.

The latest iPhone was using technology that was used in the Nexus 4 two years previously… err.. seriously. You sell me old crap as new at a steep price tag? I don’t think so.  Once you’re you’re locked into the Apple system, you can’t get out. I find the attitude worse than Microsoft’s over the past 30 years, because the features offered are locked into your Apple devices, access is exclusive to Apple devices and software. At least Microsoft software has always been available on any machine.

Then we have the most infuriating thing… please, please will you use a ‘standard’ power connector. The lightening connector wire is constantly breaking on my wife’s iPad. It drives me nuts and costs me a fortune! Just use USB… pleeeease! For all those that come back saying “I can plug my lightening connector in even in the dark” I can plug my micro USB in the dark, finding the hole is the biggest problem. We also have things called lights in modern homes. For every micro USB connector I get through on ALL my devices, my wife gets through 10 lightening cables.

What Google have done is build an infrastructure from the ground up with search, mail, maps etc… I’m sure not everything has been a success, but not everything is. Google has given technology to the masses, for free or for a sensible price, using standard technology. Like all technology, Google isn’t perfect, I would be naive to say it was ethical or the like. But I like what they’ve done with their technology. They have given me all I need, accessible easily, across all my devices, for a cost that doesn’t break me. This has balanced the technology for the top 1% approach that Apple seems to like. Apple are sucking the blood out of technology for profits they don’t have a clue how to spend.

For all those Apple fans out there, feel free to disagree, it’s personal choice and I’m not attacking you. This is just my side of the argument.

Simon 🙂



32 thoughts on “Why I love Android and loathe Apple”

  1. Love your side of the argument. I update and alter my music library on my android as often as I want. AND IT DOESN’T COST ME A DIME. Not my phone, but the pics my friend takes with her Samsung are so much better than anything an iphone can do.

    It will take a few years, but people will eventually come to realize, the iphone is a has been.

    Good post.


    1. Thanks for that, people are definitely split either way on this one, I have a Samsung that take amazing pictures, better than any other phone. To me it’s about enabling people to access technology and Apple off that – at a price which Google don’t charge.

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  2. I have always loved android. My kids prefer iPhone because they think it is better. Little do they know. Good article. The masses like what the masses like whether Android or Apple. It all depends on what you want your phone to do.

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  3. Interesting post. I have had apple devices for a few years now although I don’t keep up with the new releases at all. I have always liked them as they are simple to use out of the box…when my wife had a nexus 7 tablet for a while she found aspects of it infuriating. Mind you, you do get locked in to using iMessage and FaceTime because everyone else does (although I think both are really good). I was wondering though, any idea if the apps are safer in iTunes? I have seen that you need antivirus stuff on android which seems a bit iffy…

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    1. I’m interested to know what infuriated your wife on the Nexus 7 as I have one and found it a dream to use.
      Android and IOS use the same basic code, so if Android needs antivirus then so will IOS, Apple may have just built it in though.
      At the end of the day it’s a philosophy you’re buying and there’s no right or wrong, just preference. Thanks for reading and commenting! 😃

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      1. To be honest, I think the nexus 7 may have been problematic around its battery life and it not feeling as “noddy like” to use…I guess if you are used to android then it would be a walk in the park.

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