All there is now is the sun shining through the stretched archways where once handsome windows would have once stood. What windows were there? What people were inspired in their glass shapes?

This building has stood so long without use or care, a testament to those that built it – the immortalisation of their being and existence still survives. But what forces tore this building apart – what hatred? What left this building of worship and solitude in such a mess?

How now only to the nature that has taken over it. Perhaps it’s now more beautiful this way than it was?

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on image – Unknown church in unknown location.

25 thoughts on “Old and Abandoned – Church Ruins

  1. It certainly has a lot of character. I love places like this. Architecture is such a beautiful art, especially the ancient architecture. It is fun to imagine who may have erected it, and cherished it. It must have been so beautiful. You are right, it can be/is just as magnificent now. Thank you, and hugs!


  2. Evocative words and image Simon.
    Evidence of ages and eras past have their own powerful resonances. They set the imagination and the enquiring working.
    Our thirst for knowledge in all directions is sometimes our life blood

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