Wow!!! 600 Followers and counting!

Thanks guys! 600 followers and counting!

After about the 300 mark you stop getting the little badge from WP after you pass another 100 followers! But the other day Ramona Crisstea became the 600th blogger to follow Planet Simon.

I always like to mention a milestone blogger – so thanks Ramona! Go and have a look at Ramona’s page:

While I’m here I’m also going to push my Scifi –  creative blog Universe of Possibility there’s some exiting stuff going on there too!

Have a great day guys!

Simon 🙂


57 thoughts on “Wow!!! 600 Followers and counting!”

      1. Not so bad.
        Blogging & writing & re-fighting WWII (Invasion of Britain failed) …and trying not to let ‘stuff’ get in the way!!
        (While we’re ‘here’ did you get Explorer Voyages entry? I keep meaning to ask if my link worked)

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