Minecraft Steve and the Lost City – Part 2

Following on from his last adventure, Steve has stumbled across the lost city of Minos and he needs to help free it’s people to get back home:


Steve was standing there, the city was so magnificent, he couldn’t help but stare at it’s beauty – he was was in awe! The buildings were made in pure white marble, the setting sun shone off their walls and edges like glass, the city was falling into darkness with the sun setting fast.

“We must hurry now!” said Preeta “As darkness falls the monsters will come out – they are here to keep out any rescuers!”

“Let’s hurry then, is there somewhere safe we can go?”

“Yes” Preeta replied “follow me quickly!” with that Preeta was off, faster than Steve could run. He could still see him but he was getting further and further away. Around him Steve could hear the moans of the zombies and the rattle of the skeletons emerging from their slumber.

“Quickly young crafter!” Preeta shouted back to Steve “Time is short!”

As fast as he could Steve ran toward Preeta, his diamond sword drawn and ready to defend himself and Preeta. In moments he had caught up with Preeta a host of monsters was making their way towards him. Swinging his sword Steve cut down two zombies and a skeleton. He turned back and some creepers were creeping menacingly toward him. Cutting them down with some swift strokes they were down before they could explode.

“Flick the switch near to you crafter!” Preeta told Steve – he flicked it and nothing happened. Looking around, Steve felt anxious as the monsters crept closer.

“Flick it back up crafter, we need to flick our switches at the same time!” Preeta quickly explained. Steve wasn’t going to question Preeta, he flicked the switch up, looked across at Preeta.

“Now!” Steve shouted. They both flicked their switches down and a stone door slid across. Wasting no time they both shot into the doorway, Preeta flicked a switch up while he was inside and the door slid shut. Turning Steve noticed a skeleton had made it inside, slicing at the skeleton with his sword it soon collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly there was quiet. The distant sound of monsters now safely behind the thick walls. Looking around there was light in the room. But no torches, Steve walked up to the glowing stone and touched it. The stone felt faintly warm on his fingers.

“Glowstone?” Steve asked Preeta.

“Yes.” Preeta answered.

“I’ve heard about it – I thought it was a myth!”

“It’s not a myth crafter – if you know where to find it it is common, but it’s not without danger to find it.”

“Call me Steve – where does it come from?” He probed Preeta – very curious about the unusual stone.

“It comes from the Nether realm Steve, where the monsters are far more dangerous and the Nether Dragons rule over their hoards of gems and other precious blocks!”

“Nether dragons? I’ve seen one before and I helped it back to it’s realm. Are we in the nether realm? This whole place should be dark and underground, yet the sun is here!”

“So many questions Steve – in good time you will understand the answers. But before you do – we must free my people. This entrance to the city was safe as two are needed to open the door. The one evil crafter could not enter here, despite all his best efforts. From here we must find where the gold keys have been hidden so we can unlock the gates to the enchanted halls of Minos. The people are there, trapped, but hidden.”

“How do we find these keys?” Steve asked, almost afraid to as somehow he knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounded.

“Through here Steve.” Preeta showed him another large stone doorway, he opened it with a lever and beyond was a dark hallway, just big enough for one person.

“What’s in there?” Steve asked uneasily, this trip was getting worse the further it went on.

“I don’t know Steve.” Preeta answered flatly, I cannot enter this place. It is enchanted, kept safe so none from the city may enter. You must go in and come back with the keys, or we will be trapped here in this city and these monsters!”

“This doesn’t look good – it’s dark!” Steve protested. “There’s none of your glowstone! There could be anything down there!”

Preeta shrugged “Yes – there might!” he said calmly. “But we know what’s out there – don’t we?” he pointed to the door to the outside, where groans and rattles could just be heard.

Steve wasn’t happy – he gave Preeta a look of disapproval. He had a few torches left, putting one in the tunnel Steve advanced forward, diamond sword in hand.

To be continued…

©Simon Farnell 2016

No ownership claimed on images


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