Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

It’s Friday and it’s nearly the end! What a week it’s been! Last weekend was the bloggers bash, which was totally amazing, Sacha Black and her minions put the bash together and organised the blogger awards, creating a fantastic day. I’m looking forward to next year, but a year is too long!

Apart from that these are the weeks activities:



This week has bee a bit wet and I feel a bit like my carton me above. But the good side to this is the walk I had the other day during my lunchtime.


Rainy Walk

Other things going on have been my guest post with Candice from I came for the Soup and I published my second Circuit Mechanix magazine this week too! I also looked at the Press This function for word press, in trying it out I found a really useful little tool for including Web content in your blog.

Circuit Mechanix Jun 2016

The Origin of Ideas & How I Capture Them: Guest Post with Simon – I came for the soup…

Circuit Mechanix June 2016

WordPress ‘Press This’


Universe of Possibilities

Over on my scifi / fantasy writing blog universe of possibility are a few things going on, with the continuation of my SciFi files series and the next part of the Titan Mystery, there should be something to look at!

Scifi Files – Underground Cities

The Titan Mystery – Part 10




Because I’ve been a bit lazy this week I’ve been doing a few more space posts than I would like. The next part of my solar system exploration visited Mars, a planet that myself and most of the human race seem pretty obsessed with

Solar System Exploration – Mars

Along with this was a spattering of news and pictures from the week – have a look and see what you think!

NASA — 7 Facts That Will Make You Feel Very Small

The Solar System – Things to know this week

Week In Images – ESA

New Data Compare, Contrast Pluto’s Icy Moons | NASA



Along with all of this the minions have been keeping us all amused and teaching us about judgement … and farting.

Planet Simon - Minions

Minion Thoughts – Judgement

Minion Thoughts – Fart Awkwardness


Other posts / Bloggers:

I discovered Daisy Willows this week, she kindly put on a shout out to me on one of her posts this week. So I thought it a good thing to return the favour.

I’m also going to like my friend Erins post from Bubble and Beebots on her fun video and childhood profanity:

That’s it for this week – care care, have a great weekend and see you next week?

Simon 🙂







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