SciFi Files – Underground Cities

The Scifi files is a series of posts taking mysteries that I’ve found on the internet and finding out more about them. Are they real? Could there be a cover up? What monster may live on, in or outside our Earth?


This story is very much based on locations in America, but looking more locally at London, underground tunnels and rooms have been rumored for many years. Indeed many secret underground tunnels were made during WWII so that the government and military could continue to function in case of bombing and invasion. This has been thrown open in recent years when the UK government sold off some of these tunnels or rooms for commercial use.

This commercial sell off ins’t mentioned in this article, but more information on this is here:

Subterranean London

People who have bought / used these these tunnel say that sometimes faint activity from another nearby room can be heard. It’s entirely plausible that more exist that are in use. If this is the case, what are they used for? It also stands to reason that this is going on elsewhere in the world like the US. What is going on beneath our feet?

Will we ever know the truth?

Universe of Possibilities

©Simon Farnell – Written work

No ownership claimed on image – found via @conspiracystory on Twitter


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