Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

Here we are again – the end of yet another week, so it’s roundup time! Before we get to the posts have a look at my blog sites Planet Simon and Universe of Possibility apart from the addition of more posts, I’ve been working on the layout of my sites. More on Universe of Possibility, but it needed some maintenance and loving care – Planet Simon will be getting a new make over soon! But for now, I’ve played a bit with the menu’s to make it easier to find things on both sites.

Simon 5

This is all I want to do this weekend… I’ve been up against it and I’m tired. But stillsmiling at the end of it!

Anyways… this week:


My exploration of the solar system went up a level as we visited our home planet. I learned a few things on this one as I researched it, but it’s starting to get interesting now as we move further away from the sun.

Solar System Exploration – Earth

My old and abandoned post also focused on space with a look at the valuable space debris that’s scattered around the solar system.

Old and Abandoned – Space ‘Junk’



McKinley and crew are getting closer to finding a way out of their time twisted situation in the 9th part of the Titan Mystery. Where’s it going to go from here?

Featured Image -- 6327

Find out at

The Titan Mystery – Part 9


Scifi Files

Another feature I’m working on for this blog is taking a look at the tales and legends that are told all over and asking ourselves – could it be true? Is it true?



Scifi Files: Julia

This week, it’s looking at the possibility of huge sea monsters that have never been seen… but heard.



Other posts have been looking at the technology I put on my wrista dn where my feet have been

Technology – Shark Watch

Where my feet have been -A Lake with a duck

Then with some humour from our minion friends it round off a week of damn fine blogging!


Minion Thougths – Someday…

Minion Thoughts -Pretending to be Normal…



Other Bloggies / Posts

This week I found a new bloggie who is very good in herself: Shellsizzle but then I found out that this blog is a mother / daughter double act with Missnoonaa and I found a post on there:

Don’t just be a tree!

I loved this post, it’s something I had been mulling over in my head for ages, only this is much better!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Simon 🙂

13 thoughts on “Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely shout out 🙂
    Yes I originally started the blog but then Nikki finished her Uni degree and she and I decided that she’d make a great contributor – not wrong – she’s a fabulous writer and deep thinker – so proud that I made her in my tummy but can’t claim kudos for how well she turned out! (In spite of having me for a mom, I might add 😉 )
    Thank you so much Simon for recognising her work – I will make sure she knows – She’s coming from Cardiff to visit this weekend – so exciting 🙂 Once again many thanks for the ‘Shout Out’
    Many Blessings to you 🙂


    1. Thanks for the follow! I’m already following you, so that’s a pretty good thing eh?
      Thanks for thinking my blog is interesting! 😃


      1. Yes, only a week left now! All of a sudden time flies! Awesome! Hey, and I am glad you like the book! If you have questions perhaps we can talk at the Bash 😃


    1. You too Karen, if you look on my main page I’ve got a menu option just for the roundups. You can catch up on weeks in no time! Lol


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