Technology – Shark Watch

Technology is all around us, we can’t avoid it in this day and age. These are my thoughts on the technology I see and use.



This isn’t about the latest and greatest smart watch – I hate smart watches. I can’t see the point of them. In fact they’re dumb watched because most of them get their data from a local phone.



No – this is a proper hands watch. I was looking for one on a well known internet buying outlet and I came across the Shark brand. So I bought this one which is a Kitefin shark watch model. When I got it two things were apparent, it was bigger and heavier than I expected. I’m a big guy – but it’s big on my wrist so it frequently gets in the way. The strap is made of leather and is comfortable, but I feel it’s a bit thin for the watch size and could be maybe an inch longer as it only just fits my wrist. Weighing all this up though, I like it! It’s made well and is exactly the kind of watch I wanted. The only thing I would have liked in addition to everything else it has is a dial where the rim rotates, but considering the rest of the product it’s a fair compromise.

The reason I like it is because it looks like an uncomplicated hands watch, but press a button and from behind the face a digital LED display for date, and time. There is an alarm function too. So there’s the simplicity of the analogue hands watch with the techie, geeky digital bit hidden out of sight.



The watch costs at £22 so, it a bit of a bargain. That’s not a sale price either, that’s it’s normal price. So it doesn’t break the bank either, there are loads of other models that should suit most people, so I think they’re a good present idea too.


This is my first piece on my own technology, let me know your thoughts – is there anything you, my readers use that’s similar or better? Are you a smart watch user that’s happy with their watch (there aren’t many of you I think)?

More technology to come another time!

Simon 🙂

All pictures my own – Featured image taken from Google and modified for my header.


14 thoughts on “Technology – Shark Watch”

  1. Hands up, don’t shoot! I love my Apple Watch. This may sound hard to believe, but it has let me step away from my phone and re-enter society as someone who can actually carry on a conversation for longer than 30 minutes without pulling out my phone. It lets me see important texts/emails/calls/notifications, and if it’s REALLY urgent, I can choose to tend to them. Otherwise, I go about my day and the time spent on the Internet is less and less.

    That being said, it’s shit for phone calls. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I won’t shoot! Its what works for you, I tried a smart watch and was unimpressed. I know it wasn’t Apple, but it’s the same thing.
      But I ditched it because it was too annoying….

      Thanks for following! 😃


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