The Forbidden Planet

Forbidden planet 1

One of the films I remember from my younger days (long, long ago, not in a galaxy far, far away) was the Forbidden Planet. It’s one of those old 1950’s sci-fi films, made when colour films had only just come to being. If you’ve never seen it before don’t let the age put you off, it a good film.

Forbidden planet 2

Without spoiling the story, it’s got so much, a mystery that threatens the lives of everyone on the spaceship, a mad man that thinks he has control of what’s going on and of course Robbie. Possibly one the first robot icons of science fiction. He was clunky and slow but you felt you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

The sets used to show the scale of the alien Krell technology are very impressive, the vast scales and depths come over very well. The music effects and the invisible monster bring a real sense of fear, while the blood and guts are never shown, you’re never in any doubt that the monster is vast and could easily tear a man apart. The viewer is spared the horror of the sight of the monster until near the end, but you still don’t get to see it properly adding to the suspense in the story.

The effects in the film while old are still very effective – even the battle scene with energy weapons is plausible, perhaps more than some of the acting – but this was made at a time when all Hollywood knew what to make was cowboy movies and war films. I would be bold and actually say it’s better than the original Star Trek TV episodes is a must for any Sci-fi buff who hasn’t seen it. But then, if you were a sci-fi buff, you probably already have!

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9 thoughts on “The Forbidden Planet

  1. This is a great old movie! I watched it again, for the first time in years, just a few days ago and I love it. That is one of the coolest movie monster ever.

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