The ultimate Star Wars geek show at Legoland

I'm not going to talk much here - I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves - but this is the place for any Star Wars and Lego geek to come and be bowled over! Enjoy! All pictures my own. Simon 🙂


All Bloggers! I need your Input!

Hi ya Bloggies! I've updated the look of my site now, I think it's looks pretty neat. But have a play and see if it works as well I think it does. Also, I've been thinking that running this and the universeofpossibility blogs separately is silly and merging them would be a good idea - what do... Continue Reading →

Damn this cat is fast!

Is this cat hungry? Or perhaps shot out of a cannon? Either way, it's coming for ya and it's not messing about!  Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed in image, taken from Twitter via perfectly timed images.

ESA’s Week In Images

  As usual ESA has dropped a nice email of images into my inbox - sharing them with you all is always a treat! This week sees a new image from Rosetta, Tim Peake back on Earth and some floating piers.   via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on... Continue Reading →

Charon’s Canyon Dwarfs the Grand Canyon

New Horizons captured a good view of a canyon on Charon at 430 miles long and over 5 miles deep it dwarfs the Grand Canyon on Earth. See the full article here: via A ‘Super Grand Canyon’ on Pluto’s Moon Charon | NASA Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images or materials - Credit: NASA

Old and Abandoned – Church Ruins

All there is now is the sun shining through the stretched archways where once handsome windows would have once stood. What windows were there? What people were inspired in their glass shapes? This building has stood so long without use or care, a testament to those that built it - the immortalisation of their being... Continue Reading →

Wow!!! 600 Followers and counting!

Thanks guys! 600 followers and counting! After about the 300 mark you stop getting the little badge from WP after you pass another 100 followers! But the other day Ramona Crisstea became the 600th blogger to follow Planet Simon. I always like to mention a milestone blogger - so thanks Ramona! Go and have a look at... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 11

McKinley couldn't move - he wasn't sure what stunned him most, whatever it was that had knocked him to the floor or that Seanna was just... gone. Standing there, looking at where she had last stood, motionless. He was vaguely aware of others around him, of people. But it somehow didn't matter now. "Sir!" Blake... Continue Reading →

Shadow Below – NASA

via Shadow Below | NASA We've not had a good bit of Saturn news for a while - so I had to share this when I saw it. Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on images or material - Credit: NASA

ESA – Week In Images

This weeks images from ESA are pretty amazing - among them are images from Earth from the ISS, approaching Mars and a new star. I've put some of them below, but click on the link to get a better look.   via Week In Images / Highlights / ESA Simon 🙂

Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

It's Friday and it's nearly the end! What a week it's been! Last weekend was the bloggers bash, which was totally amazing, Sacha Black and her minions put the bash together and organised the blogger awards, creating a fantastic day. I'm looking forward to next year, but a year is too long! Apart from that these... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 10

McKinley stared ahead at the tunnel ahead of him, racing past as once again he was travelling in another of what seemed like many hyperloop conduits. It had been a hard choice to split the team up, but it seemed the best and safest option. Seanna was taking charge of the science and technical teams back... Continue Reading →

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