All Bloggers! I need your Input!

Hi ya Bloggies! I’ve updated the look of my site now, I think it’s looks pretty neat. But have a play and see if it works as well I think it does.

Planet Simon New Look

Also, I’ve been thinking that running this and the universeofpossibility blogs separately is silly and merging them would be a good idea – what do you think?

Simon 🙂

Legoland – For the Child and Geek Within

A little while ago I had a little trip to a fantasy land call Legoland! I can’t imagine how a place could not inspire the inner child in everyone. Where there are normally wild animals, there are Lego animals, Lego buildings Lego Villages. There really is something for everyone.

I’m not a great one for rides, so I wasn’t too bothered when the waiting times for the rides was so long. If anything that was the biggest damper on the day (apart from the rain)! Also, when you get in after paying many arms and legs they still want more money from you, but you can’t help notice the skill and effort that’s gone into all the creation of Lego structures.

From Dragons…


The the Lego village with all it’s mechanised railways and boats…


The NASA space centre..


And a good old fashioned dinosaur!


Everything moves… even this menacing spider!


It was great to see how it had changed as I haven’t been there for years! The best thing is I’m not done with Legoland yet – A post of some of the most impressive Lego models I’ve ever seen is coming in it’s own post!

Simon 🙂

All pictures my own.

Damn this cat is fast!

Is this cat hungry? Or perhaps shot out of a cannon? Either way, it’s coming for ya and it’s not messing about! 

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed in image, taken from Twitter via perfectly timed images.

Where My feet have been – Roller Skating


This weekend was a busy, fun and painful weekend. On Sunday I had the joy of going roller skating for the second time ever in my life. Imagine an over sized lump of a guy trying to get around the rink on skates and you’re about there.

I did pretty well as it turns out, but I fell flat on my back avoiding someone and that was it. I had had enough! It’s pretty painful and it’s a hard floor. I had fun and will do it again – but I need to remember my limits! 😀

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Simon 🙂

Eternally Spinning through the Cosmos



Whatever happens today or any other day – remember that whatever we do here the Earth keeps spinning. Round the sun, spinning on it’s axis, days come and go years pass and the Earth keeps spinning.

ESA - Europe at Night1

Life is so short – the Earth in comparison is eternal it was here when we were born and it’s more than likely going to still be here when we die. This cradle of life will keep going eons after we pass – whatever we do.

Simon 🙂

Old and Abandoned – Church Ruins


All there is now is the sun shining through the stretched archways where once handsome windows would have once stood. What windows were there? What people were inspired in their glass shapes?

This building has stood so long without use or care, a testament to those that built it – the immortalisation of their being and existence still survives. But what forces tore this building apart – what hatred? What left this building of worship and solitude in such a mess?

How now only to the nature that has taken over it. Perhaps it’s now more beautiful this way than it was?

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on image – Unknown church in unknown location.