I have a fascination of old and abandoned things. Things that are old and abandoned have a story to tell, they’ve been somewhere, maybe done something and that story can turn something relatively worthless into something of value.

This is the start of a feature where I will put before you old and abandoned things and try and think about the story behind them.



I’ve given you again a sunken object, this time not a ship but a plane! The sea is wonderful place, despite it’s power it’s in some ways a less aggressive place leaving an object on the surface open to the elements. It’ acts as a preserver of many things we’ve thrown or lost in it.

What makes these pictures so powerful for me is that we have an object made to fly underwater. For those thatknow this is a Dakota DC3 (or the military version which has a different name), one of the most sucessful planes ever built. It wasn’t fast, or big, it was versatile used for carrying passengers, troops, goods and anything. It must have been there for many years, maybe over 70 yars ago. Yet it’s still in relatively good contidion.

But how come it’s there? Where was it going? The landing gear is down so it must have been a relatively controlled landing. Did it simply run out of fuel? Did they all survive?

Perhaps sometimes the power of the story of a wreck is not in what we know, but the possibilities of what we dont.

Simon 🙂

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