The Titan Mystery – Part 8

The 8th Part of the Titan Mystery has been posted!

Simon 🙂


McKinley looked on through the tunnel as their little hyperloop car sped through the vastness  of the spacecraft. As he was thinking about this he thought it curious that a ship this size was built almost completely empty. What was it’s purpose? Why was it here? There would have to have been crew and many other people as it seemed to have been designed to carry them. But what was this ship about? What was going on here?

At that point Seanna came to McKinley’s side. “They’re awake – They’re getting ready. What are you thinking about?”

“Why would you make a spacecraft this size and yet almost completely hollow?”

“I dont know” Seanna replied “To carry something?”

“With no way in or for any single object that would take up the space?”

Seanna shrugged “I don’t know then. Perhaps lots of smaller objects?”

“Perhaps” McKinley half heartedly agreed But…

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