The Explorer Voyages – The Cube

These are the voyages of the spaceship Explorer. Her missions taking us to the vastness of the universe beyond human understanding. Our purpose, to write something we have never written before!

The events detailed in this log follow directly after the events detailed in this account:

The Enemy Within the Rings

Log Entry: Capt S. Farnell

19.12.2374 – 17.60hrs.

Urgent call for assistance from Commander William Scott of the Achillies. Enemy contact around Saturn has left his ship defenceless and almost crippled. We’ve been ordered to assist the Achillies as we’re closer than anyone else. We’re technically still not on active duty as the Explorer hasn’t yet completed trials, but we can be at Saturn in twelve hours.

I’ve ordered the flight officer to set course and the crew have been informed and are making preparations for assisting the Achillies to help her get underway. My new first officer is taking charge of preparing the ship and crew for the mission, Titan, Intrepid and Endevour are still on their way to assist in securing the area.

I feel anxious about taking the Explorer into a potentially dangerous situation as the crew have only just come together and the ship still has some teething problems. Hopeully we can address these en route.

12.12.2374 – 06:17 hrs.

We arrived at Saturn at 05:57 hrs, we are about to rendevous with Achillies. The ship and crew are on high alert until further notice.

12.12.2374 – 18:00 hrs.

We have completed the inital part of our mission and have assisted in stabilising the Achillies for the journey back to the dry dock around Mars. Repairs to the major systems are in progress, the damage to the superstructure of Achillies is very severe, Scott and his crew are lucky to still be here. Medics went over to help with a number of our engineer’s. Repairs will continue through the night shift  in preparation for the arrival of the Titan, Intrepid and Endevour sometime in the next twelve to sixteen hours.

13.12.2374 – 08:30 hrs.

Titan, Intrepid and Endevour have all arrived within a few hours of each other, they have now taken over the recovery of the Achillies. Explorer has been asked to patrol the Saturn system and make sure the area is secure.

13.12.2374 – 11:24 hrs

An unusual object has been picked out in the rings of Saturn, it’s emitting and energy signature that is unknown to us, the object is very small as the location sensosrs cannot identify the individual object. Remaining on high alert and keeping a safe distance for now.

13.12.2374 – 12:40 hrs

we are moving to incercept the object now, as we have moved closer the engergy reading seems safe. The object appears to be artificially made, cube shaped and with some kind of markings. We’re looking to bring the object into the cargo bay for further investigation. It could be that the spacecraft that attacked Achillies was looking for or protecting this. What could it be?

pandora's box

13.12.2374 – 14:00 hrs

The object has been secured in the cargo bay with inital testing being carried out by the science and engineering teams. The cube is made from some kind of material we’ve never encountered before, it is virtually impervious and absorbs the sources of energy we’ve presented it with so far. My first officer is leading the team to continue the investigation.

So far no further sign of aggressive activity or unkown vessels in the area. I’m not taking much confort in this fact as Scott’s log recorded the vessel that attacked them had some kind of comouflage technology. Achillies will be underway in a few hours, Intrepid is going to tow her away to the , Titan and Endeavour will remain to monitor the area. Command is yet to get back to me with further orders, they will probably want to transfer the cube to another more secure location.

13.12.2374 – 18:00 hrs

Still no progress finding out what the cube is, what it’s made of or what the marking on it mean. Sometimes I think we the human race are still apes compared to the rest of the cosmos.

Achillies is now underway, the flight officer is making the last sweep before setting course for the science station in orbit around Jupiter. Command want the Cube left there, after which we’ve been orderd to Neptune to commission a long range sensor relay.

14.12.2374 – 10:00 hrs

I’ve been helping the investigation team go overtheir work so far. First thing this morning we decided that scanning the Cube with Tachyons could give us something. We never expected what happened. As soon as the Tachyons hit the central talisman it’s marking glowed blue and the whole thing unfolded before our eyes. It seems this is a gateway of somekind. Not just to the local area, but back to Earth and beyond.

It seems that as someone stands in the doorway it can read their mind about where they want to be. It was beyond belief, I stood there and I could see home on Earth, the English peaks in the background. I stepped out and I was there, at least I thought I was. It seemed so real, I felt the wind on my face and the rain on my skin. I stepped back after only a few seconds and there I was, back in the cargo hold staring at the scene again. If I thought about it I could change the location to wherever I wanted.

If this belonged to the the ship that attacked Achillies, it’s no wonder they wanted this. This could be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

I’ve left the investigation team to carry on their work – they will be finding out if the Cube is an illusion or real.


This concludes the Captains log, it’s now up to my amazing crew to write their piece based on this in any way they like. Artistic licece can and should be used, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t tie up completely. Also have a think at the character you would like to be, either yourself or something made up. Email me if you want help or anything – I’m a nice Captain (email address can be found on my sfarnell blog)

When your entry has been completed – post it with a link back to this post so that I know you’ve done it. I would say you have until the 12th of June to do this, less time than I thought, but I’ve posted this later than expected – sorry about that!

Go crew – to infinity – and beyond!

2nd in Command:

Kim has been ‘manoevered’ into the spot of my right hand person. Kim is resposible for my inspiration behind this and so it’s only fair that she’s 2IC. Her first command posting but I’m certain a capable officer.


Flight Officer:

Adam has come in as an experinced flight officer. Steering the Explorer to those great and dangerous places – there’s no better man for the job.



Vic is a feeling person and will be dealing with the feeling of those on the Explorer. Helping them to overcome fear and self doubt. She may even be able to tell me if someone’s hiding something…


Security Officer:

Volunteering to step up to security is Leigh – be it android or shape shifter her character is sure to be interesting.

Chief Science Officer:

One of the first to sign up is Niki – interested in science she’s got an interest in geology and is going to be a great chief science officer.


Ships cook:

With a few microwaves, a couple of microwave meals and if the ship will stop rocking for five minutes Rachael will be the ships cook and no doubt will be offering her words of wisdom along the way.

Where to begin the adventure . . .


Chief Engineering Officer:

Every space ship needs it’s chief of engineering and we’ve got a great Scots lassie in the form of Kerry. I’m hoping she can do great things with gaffa tape.


Engineering Officer #1:

Roger is going to be the stalwart engineer, keeping things going and never setting a foot on a planet.


26 thoughts on “The Explorer Voyages – The Cube

  1. I like the concept of collaboration you guys are doing. But in lieu of the little Russian guy, you need a Chief Editor on board… Good luck with the trial runs… keep your powder dry! Now, when you get really going and ready to opt out of this little solar system, head for Andromeda. Best ale in the Galaxy says my Old Man.

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    1. I hope there’s no powder to keep dry! lol
      I’m hoping to visit some strange and unusual locations in our journeys, so stay tuned, you’ll have to follow to keep in touch with the exploits! 🙂


      1. It’s a day late for me because I’ve set you up for daily notifications (because you’re special) & it sends me the email after midnight, so I don’t usually get it until the next day. I wonder why the ping back doesn’t work?

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      2. Oh, I see the pingback problem for me. It’s because you’re linking directly to my main landing page/main url. WP won’t let those accept pingbacks. It only works to use a post’s specific url (or possibly a subpage?)

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