Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It’s been a hellof a week this week, lots going on, working and trying to work out what new directions to take Planet_Simon. I keep threateneing it I know but there are lots of new things coming both on Planet_Simon and on universeofpossibility so if you’re not following both blogs you might miss something!




I’ve just started a new space feature I’m going to try and put up weekly to go alongside the usual updates. It’s the Solar System Explorer. I was going to start with the Sun, but as the transit of Mercury with the Sun was topic of the week I starting with Mercury.

Solar System Exploration – Mercury



Featured Image -- 5987


The seventh part of my SciFi story the Titan Myster was out on Tuesday. With further challenges and twists in the tale teh crew of the Tycho are up against it.

The Titan Mystery – Part 7


Other posts



I’m fascinated with things that are old and abandoned. There’s a often a story behind them worth far more than the object itself. I started this off with a legend – The Titanic.

Old and Abandoned – Titanic


I brevely delved into the political world with my confusion over the EU Referendum. What I learned is that the problem is more multi-faceted than even I thought.

Making sense of the mess that is the EU Referendum


Blog Tags

I was tagged twice this week, the smiley tumb and the Get to know me tags were nice little tags to participate in!

Smiley Thumb Tag

The get to know me tag





With a little Dilbert and a couple of Minions causing trouble a little humour and fun went a long way this week.

Wally’s Lateness Excuse

Miion Thoughts – Looking back on your life

Minion Thoughts – Waving at Random People

Other Blogs / Bloggies


My friend Erika wrote an AMAZING post this wek – so good I had to reblog it- find it here, it’s about approachin all the problems in life from the right perspective.

The Magic of a Changed Perspective

Lucy’s rather unhinged but lovable character Tina  is up to yet more tricks, with problems in updating her author photo leading to the unexpected.

Tina’s Writer Diary

Finally, it’s Niki’s meet and greet weekend and you should all go and have a lok – meet and greet your fellow bloggies!

Meet and Greet Weekend

Have a great weekend all!

Simon 🙂


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