Dilbert – Wally’s Lateness Excuse

Thanks goodness it’s Friday! We have the weekend to look forward to and today’s Dilbert was a corker – so I thought I would share it with you all!

Boss: Why are you two hours late for work? Wally: Your wife didn't want to bother you, so she called me and asked if I would go to your house and see if she left her curling iron plugged in. Do you believe me, or do you want to risk being the first person she calls next time. Boss: Well played.

Simon πŸ™‚

No ownsership claimed to cartoon – Credit: Dilbert.com


25 thoughts on “Dilbert – Wally’s Lateness Excuse

  1. Been a while since I dropped in, but what can you do when Dilbert is shared?? Actually, I’m constructing a post on a wheeze after chatting to Ratchel…blog battle thing but not part of it….all will become clear later…anywho…point is I’m linking your blog in it as part of the inspiration….those astro biologist exchanges…a few people have coalesced with a book I’m reading to satisfy the wheeze….I aim to credit those as part of that process and to cross promote their blogs at the same time. Hope you don’t mind and how’s the space saga faring?

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    1. I’ve no objection at all, thank you for linking my Blog. The space saga is going slowly, my time has been drained a lot lately, but I’m hoping I can launch over the weekend! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dropping in! πŸ™‚

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      1. No problem Simon. I’ve neglected blogs recently with that blasted time thing cropping up. Looking forward to watching the launch too. Should be a hoot πŸ™ƒ

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      2. The relativity clause…when you want to actually do something time contracts making it impossible to fit in…when there’s nothing to do it expands thereby keeping the overall aspect constant….very clever time is πŸ€”

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      3. It is until you get older and then it just flows faster….that’s why younglings find school days very long…it’s time compensation again to keep it ‘constant’. In fact in my books I refer to this as fast and slow time…odd that πŸ€”

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      4. Black…my favourite colour and oft the choice of sci-Fi antagonists….are you certain this is a peaceful mission and your not actually a Sith LordπŸ’€

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