Minion Thoughts – Looking back on your Life


This is very true of me!

Simon 🙂


17 thoughts on “Minion Thoughts – Looking back on your Life”

  1. Just looking back at my childhood with all the trips to the ER, the near misses that almost sent me to the ER, and all the times where one slip would have meant disaster, I’m surprised I made it to adulthood. Once I became a teenager, while avoiding the daredevil stunts, I began a long history of cigarettes, coffee (espresso), booze, various other drugs off and on, and a diet that lacked pretty much any nutritional value (I’m a little better about all that now). I have some serious guardian angels.

    It does remind me of the time about five years back when my boss at the time came into my office, while the entire office had picked up the flu except me, and demanded I explain why I with my lifestyle wasn’t sick and he, who didn’t drink or smoke, who exercised everyday and ate healthy was almost on death’s door. I explained to him that my blood stream was so toxic that no virus could possibly hope to survive. There may have been some truth to that.

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