The Titan Mystery – Part 7

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Seanna and McKinley stood there, the wild haired man grinning back at them with a devious look. The backdrop of the huge Titan behind the man it’s scale in stark contrast to any human form. He stepped forward towards McKinley as he did so Seanna raised her plasma rifle and armed it. She pointed it straight at him as she stared down the sight.

“Not aother step!” She barked at him.

“You’re not pleased to see me?” he continued to grin “McKinley, we have so much in common why is there all this distrust?”

“You’ve just killed two of my men and you’ve been giving us the run around ever since we got here and even perhaps before!” McKinley replied. Seanna wasn’t letting up, she was standing a few steps back from McKinley with their untrustworthy companion a few metres away. He took half a step closer as he raised…

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