The Magic of a Changed Perspective!

I loved this post from Erika so much – she has very kindly allowed me to reblog it.
Keep looking for that angle that will loow things to make sense, just like Erika writes.

Simon 🙂

Erika Kind

Lately, while mowing the lawn all of a sudden the engine of the mower started to sputter. I stopped and after seconds, it died. Great! I stand in the midst of the lawn not even done with half of it and my mower refuses to work. Now what to do, I am not an engineer. Trying to start it again failed. What could it be? Perhaps the spark plug. That was always the first thing I checked at my moped. I was used to cleaning or exchanging it and had no problem doing it by myself. OK, so I left the spot behind the mower and walked to the front seeing that the spark plug hung down loosely. No wonder, that the mower did not work and it was an easy task to simply plug it in. All worked perfectly again!

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