Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

So it’s the end of yet another week, the weekend is here and I’m hopeful of some fun and merriment to be had.


But what happened this week on Planet Simon?

Minion Thoughts



I’ve started putting up some amusing minion thoughts to lighten the blogging time line a little. I added a few thoughts this week:

Minion Thoughts – Spiders

Minion Thoughts – Some People are Missing a Screw

Minion Thoughts – Insomnia




Part 6 of my lateest Scifi Story came out on Thursday – it’s not part of the blog battle as the rules are changing but even so, part 6 came out with more to follow:

The Titan Mystery – Part 6



Space and other Stuff


This picture showing the dew drop of Encaladus against Saturn shows in spectacular detail the sacle of the Saturn system.

The Dew Drop of Saturn

With a rundown from NASA on what’s gonig on in space in May.

What’s going on in space in May


Moving on from the vastness of space I thought I would share with you all my munchies idea this week – I liked them and it seems you guys did too!

Tuna and Cheese Melt Baguette Slices


Other bloggers

As usual some other bloggers and pages feature on my weekly roundup. Sacha posted a piece for writing inspiration on some spooky dolls. It also featuires a flash fiction piece I wrote last week:

Lucy’s post on being a writing thrill seeker also caught my attention:

Go and have a look at their blog, there is much to entertain you!

At the moment things are slow – there’s all new stuff coming up in the pipeline that I’m hopeful will be interesting, entertaining, funny, scary and everything else. So watch this space!

Simon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

  1. Lovely .
    Am sorry, I couldn’t catch up with the nomination though it meant a lot tho me will very soon post it..
    Take care 🙂

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