The Titan Mystery – Part 5

The fifth part of my story the Titan Mystery, for the Blog Battle. Fint it and the previous parts on:


The small capsule was racing it’s way back to the terminal room they had all come from, they had just passed back though the cavernous internals of the Titan and were now back in tunnel, it wasn’t long now and they would arrive. Seanna was sat there, arms crossed and had said nothing on the journey back.

“You’ve not said a word on the way back” McKinley was kind of asking, kind of stating “on the way here I couldn’t shut you up!”

“I’m not in the mood for this now” Seanna grumbled, looking away from him.

“Listen Seanna” McKinley drew closer to the young woman who failed to react “I know that things don’t look good on the surface of things, but think about this – where’s the bodies? You don’t know you die in that room you know!”

“You’re right the facts don’t look good, but can you…

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